Benefits Of caffeine For Your Skin And Hair

Benefits Of caffeine For Your Skin And Hair

The health benefits of caffeine have been well documented but we also know that caffeine can be of benefit for more general beauty conditions. In particular it is proving very beneficial for our skin and hair

Health Benefits Of Caffeine

As with all health benefits people can vary in their reactions and before caffeine is used in any sense to support an existing medical condition we would always advise you consult your doctor.

So we know that research supports that taking caffeine in the right dose is good for your liver, in summary it detoxifies the liver and cleanses the colon. We also know it can reduce the risk of diabetes and can sharpen your brain activity. Caffeine has also been cited to reduce the risk of strokes by 22% and to help reduce the risk of cancer. But what about our skin and hair?

Benefits Of Caffeine On Your Skin

Skin care companies are increasingly using caffeine in skincare products. Why is this?

Caffeine Reduces Inflammation

Caffeine is anti-inflammatory so is great for puffy, red skin. Anti-inflammatory creams often contain caffeine for just this reason.

Caffeine Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals are usually cited as the reason behind premature skin aging. People who suffer from this complain about wrinkles, sun spots, and loss of elasticity. The antioxidants in caffeine attack these free radicals and elimate them. Your skin will look better overall. This will explain why so many anti-ageing and night creams contain caffeine.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

We can all get dark circles under our eyes due to various factors like dehydration, allergies or lack of sleep. Caffeine won’t necessarily cure these but it can make them look better. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the puffiness you get with dark circles. As such eye creams often contain caffeine.

Treatment of Rosaceae

Caffeine can constrict the blood vessels so reducing redness. It can also be a very powerful antioxidant. Caffeine can thus soothe irritated, red skin.


As with skin care products caffeine is also used widely in hair shampoos. That’s because it stimulates hair roots. So what are the real benefits of caffeine for hair?

Hair Loss

Caffeine can, when applied topically, penetrate into the hair root and stimulate them. In turn this can trigger hair growth.

Hair Growth

Research by the International Journal of Dermatology says that topical treatment with caffeine can increase the growth of hair follicles by around 46%.

General Look And Feel Of Hair

In studies it is also reported that caffeine will also make hair more shiny and stronger.

Negative Effects Of Caffeine

In presenting the above findings on the benefits of caffeine to our general health and beauty it is important to say that like any drug care must be taken with caffeine. The right dose is essential and if too much caffeine is taken then many negative effects can be seen. These include increases in blood pressure, insomnia and nervousness, headaches, dehydration, anxiety, to name a few.

The recommended daily intake of caffeine is 500mg per day, but less for those who have heart conditions, high blood pressure or who are pregnant. If you have any concerns about caffeine and your health always consult a doctor.

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