The Health Benefits of Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

More and more evidence is emerging about the possible health benefits of our favourite drink. It is being cited as helping to protect us from Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver disease, liver cancer and a healthy heart. So what’s the evidence that is leading people to think this?

Coffee and diabetes

UCLA researchers have stated that coffee increases plasma levels of the protein sex hormone binding globulin(SHBG).This controls the biological activity of sex hormones which play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes. In addition the Harvard School of Public Health gathered data from a number of studies that suggested that people who drank at least 2 cups of coffee per day over a 4 year period had an 11% lower type 2 diabetes risk than those who did not drink as much coffee.

Coffee and Parkinson’s Disease

Studies in the US have suggested that there is a link between coffee consumption and Parkinson’s disease. There are also suggestions that caffeine can help with movement control with people already suffering from the disease.

Coffee and Liver Cancer

Results suggest that drinking coffee can lower the risk of liver cancer by 40%. In fact drink 3 cups a day and the risk can be improved to 50%. In addition it can have really positive benefits to the health of the liver. It seems to have a great effect on cirrhosis, research published in Hepatology suggested that drinking two or more cups of coffee each day can reduce the deaths from liver cirrhosis by 66%.

Coffee And The Heart

The Harvard School of Public Health have concluded that drinking coffee in moderation protects against heart failure. By moderation they mean 2 cups of coffee per day. People who drank this amount of coffee had an 11% lower risk of heart failure.


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