How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Around the world people take their coffee very differently. For some adding milk is a real sin, whilst for others a milky coffee is the only way to start a morning. Here we examine how people around the world take their coffee. Of course this is not true of everyone as many people adopt different customs from elsewhere.


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and involves elaborate rituals. Green coffee beans are roasted, crushed in a pestle and mortar and then brewed in a pot called a jebena filled with water. The coffee can be sweetened with sugar, honey or butter. The coffee can also0 be flavoured with cardamom or cinnamon.


Coffee here is part of every Italians day. Most like it drinkable in terms of temperature and love a strong espresso in a small cup. Most Italians would never drink coffee with milk in the morning. Many Italians drink their coffee standing up and like Corretto, an espresso spiked with liquor.


It was the Greeks who invented the frappe coffee which is coffee with ice and cream. Greek frappe can be varied including liquor or some ice cream.


Nordic countries are top consumers of coffee. Kaffeost is a traditional Swedish coffee made by placing pieces of cheese and then pouring hot coffee over them. Some Icelandic regions also drink caraway coffee which is coffee flavoured with caraway seeds.


Coffee is hugely popular in Brazil with many Brazilians drinking cafezinho a strong very sweet coffee. Here coffee is consumed throughout the whole day. Children as young as ten often drink coffee here with lots of milk.


Here coffee is consumed black with sugar in small cups called tinto.


Turkish coffee is very finely ground coffee almost like coco powder, sugar and spice are also added. Water is stirred in and the mixture is heated on a low flame. When the coffee comes to the boil the hot liquid is poured into small cups. This is often drunk with a glass of water. Something sweet like Turkish delight is often eaten at the same time.


Coffee is very popular here and is often even stronger than Turkish coffee. It is usually flavoured with cardamom and many like it unsweetened. Cream or milk is almost never added.

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