Is Buying Organic Coffee Really Worth It?

Is Buying Organic Coffee Really Worth It?

Organic Coffee v Regular Coffee

Amazingly coffee is the third most heavily treated crop in the world, third only to cotton and tobacco. The essential difference between organic and non-organic coffee is that organic coffee is made naturally with no pesticides.

Inorganic coffee is grown with chemicals and has processing techniques which can be harmful to the environment and the consumer. This is particularly so when you consider that according to recent stats around 11 million acres of land is employed in the production of coffee alone which makes it the second most demanded commodity in the world after petroleum. This leads on to the assertion that coffee and the way it is treated can have a huge impact on the environment.

As for taste many would argue that organic coffee tastes more flavourful and vibrant compared to non-organic. This may explain why there is now such a demand for organic coffee. But then it depends on your palette and taste.

Finally there is a big difference in the price between organic and non-organic coffee. Cultivating organic coffee is more demanding and therefore more expensive. So we guess the choice is yours. If you care about the environment and want the best possible tasting coffee, and you can afford it, its organic coffee every time.

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