Why Invest In A Good Coffee Machine?

Why Invest In A Good Coffee Machine?

If you’re not bothered how good your coffee is then you probably aren’t reading this article! For us at prosumercoffee we would rather go without than have a horrible cup of coffee. That’s why we think it’s worth investing in a really good coffee machine, but if you need to be further convinced check out our arguments.

First of all it is important to note that we all have different tastes. Some people will love their French press, others their Moka pot, but whatever does it for you, the same points apply.

Financial Sense

A good commercial quality coffee machine, that may cost you around £1,000 or more will in our experience last longer and in the long run offer better value for money. We have personally bought all the cheaper models in famous high street stores only to find that after a year things start to go wrong, warranty runs out and we are back to the beginning again. Our current machine, used in a small office, cost a lot when first bought but is still going strong years later. We simply cannot say that about cheaper models. And when you apply the maths it’s really interesting.

Let’s say an average cost of an espresso from your favourite coffee shop costs £1.80. Let’s say you order one of those each day of the week. Over a week you therefore spend £12.60 on coffee, £655 per year (we accept that this may fluctuate with holidays). So when you compare the £655 spent in coffee shops and a £1,000 coffee machine then you can see the financial argument for investing in a good machine.


A good quality machine will ensure that you get the best tasting coffee. This is because it will have features that ensure this happens. It will for example ensure that the temperature doesn’t get too hot and produce a burnt taste. It will have the right bar pressure which means that steam meets the coffee at the right speed. Filter holders in more expensive machines are made from brass which retains heat for longer and then there are the valves. Most machines have mechanical valves which control water flow. Really good top of the range machines have solenoid valves which increase water pressure and then shut off quickly after extraction.

These are just some examples of what a good coffee machine can do, the features are really important as they will be the difference between an average tasting coffee and a really special coffee.


Good coffee machines will also allow you to produce different types of coffee. So a good feature to look for if you can. You may want a macchiato one day and a latte the next so if this is important in your household check that out before you buy.

Choice Available

Once you are convinced that it is worth investing in a good coffee machine then what next? You will quickly see that there is a huge choice available. The key decision to make is to decide whether you want a pod machine, a traditional pump machine or a bean to cup. That decision really rests on what level of involvement you want to have in producing your coffee. A pod machine is great if you simply want to press a button and traditional pump is better if you want to tamper your own coffee and manage the extraction process.

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