Will Coffee Dehydrate You?

Will Coffee Dehydrate You?

The view by many is that of course if you're drinking coffee, then you will become dehydrated. This is borne out of tthe fact that coffee is a mild diuretic. But, is that necessarily true? Research is now challenging this long held view.

Recent Findings from Birmingham Uni

A number of findings show that coffee is no more a diuretic than drinking plain water. In fact in 2014, a study from the University of Birmingham found that there was absolutely no link between drinking coffee and dehydration.

In fact the findings were that 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day can contribute to the body’s fluid intake each day. This is probably understandable when you consider that a cup of black coffee contains 95% water.

How Come?

Well the science is actually quite simple. The research found that when you drink coffee, the water part of the drink (95%) is absorbed and retained in the body in much the same way as water.

It was proposed that the reason it could feel confusing to many, is that a hot cup of coffee may not feel as refreshing as say an iced drink.

But they concluded that the science was pretty clear. If you drink coffee, that will not be the cause of your body's dehydration.

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