Espresso Coffee Machine or 'Bean to Cup'

Espresso Coffee Machine or 'Bean to Cup'

The market is full of a range of coffee machines from espresso, pod to bean to cup. But how best to choose what is right for you? One of the most popular type of machines on the market at the moment is the bean to cup, but what are the main differences between traditional espresso and bean to cup?

The Main Difference Between an Espresso and a Bean to Cup Machine

An espresso machine uses the skills of the person operating it to produce a great cup of coffee. You are in charge of the grinding process, the tamping and dosing of the coffee and then frothing of the milk if required. A bean to cup machine on the other hand grinds the beans for you, extracts the coffee and in some cases froths the milk inside the machine. The first and therefore most obvious difference is that one machine requires a big involvement from you the barista, the other requires very little involvement.

If learning the barista skills appeals to you then we think we know which machine you would choose. But if you are still undecided then you may want to also consider the following.

Other Differences between Espresso and Bean to Cup

If buying a bean to cup do check the issue of quality. Beans shouldn’t be sat out for ages as they simply won’t be fresh. Bean to cup machines are also by definition a little more complicated than the internal mechanisms of the traditional espresso machines. To put it simply this can mean that there is more that can go wrong.

Another negative of the bean to cup is that you are unable to customise your drink. You may want to alter the grind, the strength and may find that you cannot do this.

In summary however it will all come down to what involvement you want to have in producing your coffee at home. If you want to learn the barista skills of grinding, tamping and frothing then we would recommend you select the traditional espresso machine.

If however being a barista does not interest you and actually your time is tight then opt for the bean to cup. Whatever you choose select a great brand and quality and enjoy your coffee!

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