Why Invest In A Coffee Machine For the Office?

Why Invest In A Coffee Machine For the Office?

For many, having a good cup of coffee is vital to getting through the day. But is it worth investing in a good quality coffee machine for your workers? Well, not surprisingly, we think it is and for the following reasons.

Coffee Can Increase Productivity

As caffeine is a stimulant we could argue that it will help employees feel more alert at work, particularly at those times of the day when sluggishness starts to kick in. Caffeine in effect puts a halt to the main compound in your brain that makes you sleepy. This substance is adenosine which lowers the body’s energy levels and fosters sleepiness. Caffeine blocks your brains adenosine receptors so the brain no longer thinks it’s sleepy. So the science is clear, caffeine can make you feel more awake and alert.

Another benefit linked to productivity is that you won’t be losing workers out to the coffee shop. In addition studies have also linked coffee with encouraging creativity due to the fact that the coffee machine creates space where workers can meet outside of organizational structures, impacting on creativity and free thought.

Makes Employees Feel Valued

Recent studies support the idea that workers feel that a coffee machine is a perk, making them feel cared about. When you also consider that an espresso in a good coffee shop can cost as much as £1.80 you can see how a coffee machine at work is seen as a real benefit. In the recent climate when the economy has been challenging, many employers probably can’t afford the big gestures anymore -like big bonuses, or days out. But investing in a coffee machine can, for a small investment, go a long way. In fact in a recent survey in the States 37% of employees in small businesses would rather have an in house coffee machine than the annual office party.

Coffee Makes You Feel Happy

Caffeine has been linked in medical studies with combating depression, people who drink 4 cups of coffee per day were less likely to become depressed. Caffeine affects the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain which makes you feel happy.

Brings Your Workers Together

In the same way as the old water cooler did this, then your coffee machine could be a great focal point for employees. Going to the coffee machine could be a great opportunity to talk things over in a more relaxed format. A study of workers in Denmark who were going through a large merger, found that coffee breaks were vital to their management of stress.

Good For Clients Too

Having a good coffee machine can also be something your clients may value, whether you are a car dealership, hairdressers or advertising agency. Any business that has clients visiting, the offer of a good cup of coffee can make them feel valued and again if the coffee is good then it can add to the image of your business as something stylish and upmarket.

How Much Coffee Should You Drink In A Day?

So coffee is good for your workforce but how much coffee is good? The guidelines tend to state that you shouldn’t drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day. More than that and you can get over caffeinated which can lead to irritability and restlessness, not so good for the workplace!



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